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  • Tirumala Tirupati Trip

    Vijayawada to Tirumala
    Vijayawada to Tirupati
    Tenali to Tirumala
    Tenali to Tirupati
    Guntur to Tirumala
    Guntur to Tirupati.
  • Vizag to Araku Taxi

    Vizag to Araku Taxi - Vizag to Araku Cab - Vizag to Araku Car Travels

    Araku Valley

    Araku is a famous hill station of AP. It is located at a distance of 120 KM from Visakhapatnam ( Vizag ). It is famous for its scenic beauty. Located on the eastern ghats , it has a valley, waterfalls, streams flowing by the side of the train track and roads. The journey to Araku Valley is the most enjoying as the rail passes through tunnels, hillsides, streams. It is better to go to Araku by train and return by road.
     Monsoon time at Araku valley

    you can book a cab from vizag to araku, best rates, clean cars, well experienced drivers.

    Tourist Places around Araku Valley

    Araku is a place to relax and enjoy nature. There are few tourist spots in Araku and they can be visited in two hours time. If you have time you can go ahead up to 15 KM to Chaparai to see the water passing over rocky slopes. If you are at Araku then you must see Borra caves.
    Chaparai 15 KM from Araku
    Padmapuram Garden
    Tribal museum
    Movie shooting ( Before Araku)
    Borra caves 35 KM before Araku
    Galikondalu view point ( 20 KM before Araku )
    Coffee plantation ( on the way to Araku)
    Film Shooting point at Araku
    Best Season to Visit Araku Valley
    The season starts after rain with greenery all-around. Best time is Oct to Feb months. However if you are nature lover then you will like the green valley during rainy season.

    Araku Padmapuram Garden

    One of the main attraction is tree top cottages located in the middle of green surroundings of Araku valley. 
    Vizag Araku Packages
    Book Packages for Araku & Vizag
    Araku Hotels and resorts
    These tree huts ( hanging cottages ) are ten feet above the ground level and one can experience rare swing along with trees. Huts are attached with toilet and continuous water supply. 
    Tribal welfare department has one Horticulture nursery cum training center at Padmapuram . It is open from 8 AM to 12.30 PM and again on 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM 

    There is a toy train in the Padmapuram garden for the tourists. 

    Araku Coffee House

    At the Araku town behind APRTC bus stand there is a coffee House. Here you will get all variety of Coffee. This is more of a museum of coffee plantation and production of India and world. There is a light and sound show on coffee plantation for 15 minutes with an entry fee of Rs 25. Inside you will get history of coffee plantation in Africa, Europe and India. 

    You can buy chocolates, cakes and different of coffee related products under one roof. 

    Araku tribal museum There is a tribal museum on tribal heritage, living system and culture. Near the museum boating facility is also available. 

    Ticket cost is Rs 10/- & Rs 5/- for child 

    Opening time 
    8.00 AM to 1.30 PM
    2.30 PM to 6.30 PM

    There is one more picnic spot called Dumbriguda Waterfalls ( Chaaparai ). This spot is only 15 Kms from Araku.

    TYDA – An eco-tourism project

    This nature camp located at a distance of 75 Km from Vizag ( on the way to Araku valley ) is right place for bird watching, rock climbing, trekking and over night stay. 

    There is a rail with road journey package available by AP tourism with same day return or with one night stay. 

    Araku Waterfalls

    There are few waterfalls in Araku, Katiki waterfall is near Borra caves. Thatiguda and Chaparai are other waterfalls tourist can enjoy.
    Weather in Araku valley
    It is cooler than Visakhapatnam but don't expect a hill station climent in summer. Temperature can go upto 42 degree in May month. Winter temperature can come down to 14 – 15 degree. Normal rain you can expect at Araku and the area gets hit by cyclonic storm of Bay of Bengal during the month of October - November 

    Araku STD code: 08936

    To book a Taxi from Vizag to Araku Call us on +91 9642509307

    Tourist Places to Visit Near Araku Valley

    • Borra Caves
    • Araku by train
    • Araku By Road
    • Katiki Waterfall
    • Paderu
    • Dumbriguda Chaaparai
    • Ananthagiri

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  • Vijayawada To Visakhapatnam Taxi

  • Rajahmundry to Kakinada Taxi - Cab

    Rajahmundry To Kakinada Taxi - Cab 

    ( 1542 reviews)

    Traveling from Rajahmundry to Kakinada by Taxi is the most comfortable option. The most comfortable and speediest option for traveling short distances (150-300km) is to get an outstation taxi from Costa Travels. However, if you are looking to go on a one-way journey it's best to hire a chauffeur-driven one way cab. There are options available to book a shared taxi if you are on a budget trip. If you are looking for a taxi that is dedicated to your use you can find that as well. If you are keen on a low-cost option a shared taxi / carpooling from Rajahmundry to Kakinada can be cheaper than going by bus or train. A group of 2-3 travelers can travel by a sedan car and this most generally is a quick door-to-door transport, most comfortable and cheaper than that same group buying AC train or AC bus tickets. When booking a one-way taxi from Rajahmundry to Kakinada, to get the most reasonable rates you must book at least 5-10days in advance. This enables us to have the time to find you the taxi most suited for your travel plans. See our cheapest one-way taxi rates for traveling across India

    Distance and time for travel between ​​Rajahmundry and Kakinada
    Distance from Rajahmundry ​to Kakinada ​by car is around 62 ​Km. The estimated travel time traveling from Rajahmundry ​to Kakinada ​by a reliable car is ​1 hour and 40 minutes. Please budget between 30-60 Minutes for delays in traffic.

    Rajahmundry To Kakinada ​​Car Rental Prices & Options
    The cheapest way to travel from Rajahmundry ​To Kakinada starts from ₹1499 depending on the availability of the car. A one-way chauffeur-driven car rental saves you money vs having to pay for a round trip. It is also much more comfortable and convenient as you have a driver driving you in your dedicated car.

    Vehicle Type Model Type Passengers Luggage   Best-Fare
    Compact Indica, Swift, or equivalent 4passengers and driver 2 small
    Sedan Dzire, Toyota Etios or equivalent 4passengers and driver 2 big
    SUV Innova, Mahindra Xylo, Tavera, or equivalent 6passengers and driver 3 big

    Which is the best Taxi service for Rajahmundry ​​to Kakinada?
    There are many outstation taxi services that you can book either offline or online. Best is a relative term and depends on what you prefer as a traveler. Most travelers prefer comfort, and quality service at a reasonable price. Be careful when trying to haggle for the lowest priced or cheapest cab as you could open yourself to the risk of operators cutting corners in service and also overlaying with hidden charges. 
  • Kakinada to Rajahmundry Taxi - Cab

    kakinada to rajahmundry airport drop

    kakinada to rajahmundry taxi

    kakinda to rajahmundry cab

    kakinada to rajahmundry airport taxi

    kakinada to rajahmundry airport cab

    rajahmunsdry airport cab

    rajahmundry airport taxi

    oneway taxi to Rajahmundry airport
  • Pancharama Temples Tour - Pancharama KshetrasTour

    To book a Cab / Taxi to visit this place Click Here 9642509307
    Pancharama Temples - Pancharama Kshetras - Pancharama Darshan

    Pancharama is the name given to those five temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. These places are distributed over three districts, East Godavari, West Godavari, and Guntur of Andhra Pradesh in India. All Hindus consider visiting these temples as very sacred.

    1. Amararama is installed at Amaravati in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. Lord Shiva's name is Amareshwarudu and is considered incarnated as, Aghorarupam, established by Lord Indra.

    2. Draksharama is located at Draksharamam in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. The Lord Eshwara is called Bhimeshwarudu (Daksharama) and is seen as Thatpurusha Mukha Swarupam.

    3. Kumararama is available in Samalkot, East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. The temple is called the same name as Daksharamam - Bheemeshwarudu. But Lord Shiva is seen here as Vamadeva Mukha Swaroopam. This Shiva linga is installed by Kumara Swamy.

    4. Somarama is at Bheemavaram situated in the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Lord Eswara is called Someshwarudu (Somarama) in this temple and is considered as Sadyojatha Mukha Swarupam, Siva linga is installed by Lord Chandra.

    5. Ksheeraramam is situated at Palakollu, West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. Rama Lingeshwarudu (Kshirarama) is the name given to the Lingam installed in this place and Lord shiva is Eshanya Mukha Swarupam, installed by Sri Rama.

    There is a saying that all these temples are installed by Gods (Devatas) and visiting all in one day (especially during Karthika Masam, i.e., during the November-December month) is very sacred. During this season special Packages are arranged by COSTA (Costa Car Travels in Vijayawada) to visit all the temples in one day. Contact any of the nearby Costa Travels offices in your city for details during these months.
    To book a Cab / Taxi to visit this place Click Here 9642509307

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